"If anybody goes on his way in search of knowledge, Allah will thereby make easy for him the way to Paradise." Abu Hurayrah reports. (at-Tirmidhi)

"Great in Allah's sight are those who seek, promote, keep and distribute knowledge of the truth. He invites man to contemplate the secrets of the universe." (2:164)

We are pleased that you are interested in applying to At-Taqwa International School. In brief, the application to At-Taqwa International School includes an admission test, parent interview and school administration and teacher evaluations. Also, personal behavior and academic excellence are important criteria for acceptance at At-Taqwa International School. We recommend you to pay a brief visit to At-Taqwa International School. This will help you see the school in action and have a sense of how At-Taqwa will help in your child's development and growth and then meet our admission staff.

Application Package
  • Registration form
  • Original Birth Certificate (if the child is born in India) OR Immigration Paper/Citizen Card/ Refugee Status (if the child is born outside India)
  • Legal Residency of Parents
  • Copy of Legal Indian Status of Parents
  • Last School Report Card
  • Vaccination Record
  • Recent Photograph (3 nos.)
  • Recent Photograph of Parents (2 nos.)

  • Admission Test
  • All students will be required to come to the school for an assessment session on Language skills and Mathematics.
  • This is necessary so that we can match the student's learning needs to the support services available at our school.
  • Students must possess the personal qualities that will allow them to adhere to the school's high standards for Islamic behavior and discipline.
  • Our admissions personnel will contact the parents regarding the application's outcome.
  • If the student is accepted, parents will be directed to discuss transport and financial arrangements with the appropriate personnel.

  • Please return your completed application as soon as possible to the school's main office. Please inform the school's office of any address or phone number changes as soon as they occur.
  • Only completed applications will be reviewed and considered for admission.
  • Payment should be payable to At-Taqwa International School by cheque/cash.
  • A fee of 200/- will be added for returned cheque for non-sufficient fund.
  • Payments are due by the 1st of each month starting on June until May.
  • Late fee of 20 will apply if tuition is not paid by the 10th of each month.
  • Two unpaid months of full tuition will result in having the student sent home until fees are paid.

  • Student's admission will be terminated for unresolved, unpaid school tuition and other school fees.
  • Student's enrollment and school records will not be accessible until owed school fees are paid in full.
  • Student's tuition is still due for the year even during an extended leave for any circumstances.
  • Non-attendance or early withdrawal from school without legitimate reason will not exempt your obligation in paying the full year's tuition.
  • Report cards will not be distributed to the student/s who owe tuition or other school fees, until the full payment is made.
  • Students will not be enrolled in the next academic school year until previous dues and other school fees are paid or a payment plan is set up.


School Opens :

7:30 a.m.
All Classes Begin: 8:00 a.m.
Dismissal: 1:30 p.m.
Being On Time:
  • Puctuality is a very important part of being a Muslim.
  • Students must reach at school premise latest by 7:45 a.m.
  • Late comers (after 7:45 a.m.) will be charged a fine of 10/-
  • Please do not drop your child at the front of school gate.

  • Follows us our servcies